Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another Lost:

Tuan Haji Ismail was my Godfather. Soft spoken and lovable uncle.

I witness a pleasant view yesterday... thou the house is pack but there is 1 Chinese family was sitting in front of me... the daughter sit next to us... and the family man was sitting (Bersila) quietly in front of me in between of people reciting Sura' Yassin and the bad things was, me and his daughter was smiling... because her dad was like bersungguh-sungguh sitting there while the other Chinese friends as always was waiting outside the house... when the recital is over... he stand up move further in front to see my late uncle face and insisted to meet my aunt in her room..... Aduhai.... it is not wrong to do that but in that pack house while some of the people still reciting near the body.... he was like moving forward through saf (Rows of Muslim performing Solah)" until he able to see Arwah face. and then he suddenly stands up and say "kak som mana kak som" "bagilah saya jumpa kak Som sekejap" and my aunt did when out because she was perfoming Solah a moment ago. while i was grieving but then change to laughing with his daughter.... adui... luckily my mum ignore my stupidity.

but for me... i lost another great godfather which also means i left with 1 more godfather.....

please please i need my uncle and godfather for my wedding :( (IF ELSE)

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aLiSh said...

高雄, can't agree more with you... but can we find one that will do such as we do?