Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lunch box story

I didn't prepare anything for my lunch starting new year..... and i think because of that i gain my weight.... just to share with you guys some of my lunch (which i manage to snap the pix before the lunch box emptied).. i make afford so it will be enough for breakfast and lunch

nugget and sausages for breakfast
rice + sambal tumis udang + some tomato+ salad leaves for lunch

veggie sandwich + drummet for breakfast
Rice + Sambal sotong hitam + sausages + apple for lunch

sausages and drummet for breakfast
rice + salad + Ayam Masak serai for Lunch

Apple+ Rice + Raw carrot+ Kari Ikan Masin for lunch (Thanks Doria for the ikan masin)
Sausages(notice some empty spaces as always makan dulu baru ingat nak snap the picture)+Drummet for Breakfast
Rice+Salad+Sambal belacan+ kari for lunch

Nasi+Sambal sotong hitam+ Salad+ Sambal belacan for Lunch

Roasted chicken and beef tortilla for the whole crewApple+Salad+Rice+ beef in soysauce
Seaweed+Chicken+ Fried Puyuh Egg + Drummet and beef patty for brunch
Salad+Apple+Rice+Blackpepper lamb for lunch
Apple+Beef Sandwich for the whole day
Lepat luih and bejabu'
Chicken ham sandwich for the whole crew

another batch of chicken and beef tortilla

Pemalas Version:Out of can tuna sandwich

Chicken Ham+Cheese+Sausages for the whole crew
Sandwich and drummet for breakfast
Nasi Goreng and Curry for Lunch

Roasted Chicken tortilla with sweet chilly sauce-home made
Didnt remember what in this sandwich might be chicken ham because the bread =neatly slice

Roasted chicken in Ginger marinate

egg+ crepe for breakfast

fried senangin with rice

herbal chicken soup for my sick appetite (so far most of the time i prepare this for my lunch- pop in herbs+Ginger+garlic+chicken+cups of water + seasoning- put on stove or microwave... get prepare for work and pack it.... suitable for me as am always sick)

Grilled Chicken +RiceAnd a few batch of Md Shah Nasi Bryani


Ahmad Nadzri Bin Muhammad Nasir said...

Bila tgk punya bekal, pergh mmg patut naik bdana ko. hahahha

aLiSh said...

huhuhu untuk breakfast dengan lunch la