Monday, January 25, 2010

Kecewa pada Aduka taruna dan Rakan rakannya

tulah dia nak buat baik pun salah nak ingatkan pun salah, bezakan what I've post with theirs...

i don't think i even once contempt them but what i get from them = "Bodoh".... sadly am not political influence nor i am Malay... I've also commented the other blog and even publish the other link from non-Malays about this issue.... even post it to Mazidul blog for him to take similar action...... siap puji rating dia naik pun kena .... sigh

owh ni lah bahagian yang saya dapat pujian Bebal dan Bodoh free tu... Alhamdullilah

Tulah dia kenapa guna bangsa sampai macam ni?

For readers from FB or this blog itself.... don't try to give advice, no harsh word should you use or involve anyway with 'em.. I find entering that blog is regretful..... defamation is anywhere from aduka, to his overprotective friends, and then came in politics and more racist statement.... i would say... i rest my case.... let it be... i believe our constitution... well said

p.s I wish I am Malay or even UMNO member so what they say "kena tepat pada muka saya" but seem more like "Meludah kelangit maka jatuh di badan sendiri"

p.s to friends who are confuse still... thou you are born or was raise in Malaysia.....
Muslim Doesn't meant Malay!

The new Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is regarded as a caring person, His Royal Highness is very popular among the Rakyat because of his personality... I believe His Royal Highness will forgive the fella if he and his friend seek forgiveness...... Daulat Tuanku... You ARE the Best, Justice must be straighten up!

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