Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Halal Act only GoingTo Be Formulated Next Year

why only next year ? (read: Halal news on bernama)...
first and for most ... for all Malaysia who didn't know this... Jakim did put up a website for us to check the status of product we bought on market... (Jakim Halal website-Check status using Product Barcode, Description or company name) ... even you can SMS

Type halal [product barcode] example halal [ 9551234567891]

and senrt to 32728 | DAPAT

my issue here why next year... why not immediately (well this issue has been going on since years ago.... how many "Next year" should i follow until it will be implement)
i gave you the link to the website because i have been consistently check out the site and
it was there since i was first told by a friend 3 years ago... but the database never expand and i cant see any update available. Close but no Cigar i must say... i hope i don't have to put up with "next year" on the next year December newspaper.

Big dream happen when the engine run smoothly... Don't just Bark at the tree... Its important for the people it is important for the dream and it is important for our economy....

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