Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Weekend: 7+8Nov and My Breakfast Pack

Last Weekend: 7+8Nov and My Breakfast Pack: Meeting Ayin, Masak lemak Turi+ Ketam, Steam Senangin and the breakfast pack: Sandwich and Kebab.

Hurm last week doesn't go as accordingly, so after a while i decide to meet Ayin... at first the journey was suppose to be on saturday but some misunderstanding because of me and confuse Ayin (Aih sorry Ayin) we finally decide to meet on Saturday(But I meet Fara instead- thanks far for inviting me to your house.... thou I didn't share much about me but that day is about you... sangat gembira OK)... back to meeting Ayin in Melaka : I segan to meet her since i gain extra weight ..... but then jumpa jugak. nothing much to share from this trip.... kecuali dapat ticket... meet the horses, makan in cafe... the only thing we do chat next to the pool..... uh i dah masuk kerja letih gila no go for relax

Ayin Place: Wish i stay here too

the neighbour house - religious one indeed
Misty and me
Me and galaxy (sebenarnya ye saya memang pengecut- guess what am scare of horses)Steady
not going to view this pix too long.. i might feel sad ... jauhnya

And my beloved bro was home so he buy some crab and as always the menu is chilly crab but + Masak lemak Turi + Ketam

and we had steam senangin for dinner (pix blow- still prep the fish)

SO for breakfast i decide to pack a nice kebab for the kids in SMC....... Chicken kebab with garlic sauce .. tomorrow will do more since i wanna finish up the tortilla and wanted to make a fresh one......
Reheat the tortilla

Fry (or best Grill) the marinated chicken (Garlic, paprika, pepper and salt)

spread the garlic sauce (Aioli) line up tomatoes, salad and chicken +pickle is desire
Roll up and i cut em into small bites... pack it with sweet chilly sauce (home made non cook sauce) ahhh now lapar balik thou i finish up all stir fry black pepper lamb for dinner tadiand the simple egg sandwich..... but with white bread

Off track story sangat gembira my salad supply is saved......


budak kechik said...

terliur aku tgk makanan ni..apekata, ko buat blog masakan whe..aku confirm ikut! haha

aLiSh said...

dah lama jugak berhajat wanna do so tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tak ada masa lah :( but i might... thanks for the suggestion :P masak masak masak dan masakkkkkk lagi

jujahxo. said...

beshlah itu pOOl. bleh berendam lama lama.

ehh nape tak naek kuda tu?? besh tauuu

aLiSh said...

eiii takut lah lagi pun alish berat kecian kuda tu nanti... ja wat lah pool kat umah ko nanti aku datang :P