Friday, November 27, 2009

Jour de l'Action de grâce and Eid al-Adha Bugist Style

Jour de l'Action de grâce
falls on 26Nov in US.... can't stop smiling each time i remember it... sigh.... my dad.... what a dad...
Great one.....
but if say to much people will misunderstood me.....

Eid al-Adha
before i start elaborating the cooking event more then the event is self ...
i still wonder why some bugist people here in Malaysia caught up with burasa' and asam pedas...
while ayam lengkuas, ayam serai and most importantly lepat luih is left out during the festive...
but anyhow i just wanna show you some of the preparing process with vids included hopefully.

Burasa' consist of rice, salt and coconut milk...... cook with Pandan Leaves fragrant
(Click picture to enlarge)
Which is wrap with a special banana leaves mainly pisang nipah or kapuk (play video below to
see how you shape it)
.........(owh i regret to tell you the one you buy in pasar malam is just not the burasa' you guys think
it is... trust me... especially the one in BBu or pontian.... differ... even the color) ...
and after that if you view picture mark with number six that is process Bugist peeps call it bebat...
a process of protecting the initial burasa' with a multilayer oversize banana leaves and seal tightly.
after the bebat proccess
the burasa' will be cook again for 3 hour.......

to differ which is burasa' and which lepat luih.....takes only a true blood to unlock it
(p.s my mum happen to strongly influence my dad family into this :P we not the same race/ethnic)

another Bugist delicacies (not to say unknown but more like infamous... )
which consist of sticky rice, salt and coconut milk undergone a similar process to burasa'
but normally we use a type or triangle prism moulding/molding which you can view from the
video below

The End product (Burasa and lepat luih)
So how to eat them

For Burasa' : Normally asam pedas- ikan Belanak or parang, but i prefer with ayam masak serai
or ayam lengkuas
For lepat: Bejabu' - well know as Serunding in Malaysian language..... or rendang

and this is my beautiful plate of the delicacies
A kuali/wok of Ayam masak serai (Lemon Grass chicken - Consist of onion, chilly, lemon grass, galangal, unyik/tumeric, serve with tumaric leaves and lime leaves as garnish-and extra flavor)
and the serving table- we should do alfresco today.....the kitchen was pack luckily we spread the carpet for food prep yesterday
owh lupa pulak Happy Eid al-Adha Peeps... and yes happy thanksgiving too

end of horror..... TIREDDD


Ayu SHAMZA EaRyMuA said...

Oh! nampak sangat yummylicious burasa' n lauk tu.. sodapnya..

fuad said... suke sgt burasa..
next raya jgn lupe antar kat umah me yer..sedapnye..

aLiSh said...

Ayu: hahaha nak recipe ayam tu alish leh bagi... tak pun i can cook and deliver to you... if yu still in bp lah :P

Ad: ah i like burasa tooo eh eh datang lah rumah ape suh hantar lak... biasa ni... maybe Christmas ni buat lagi kot.....

pelastikbintang said...

waaa...buras..da lama x makan