Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Function to Bad Rate Buyer Temporary Taken Out by

Function to Bad Rate Buyer Temporary Taken Out by .... do you guys agree on it i don't think so...2 of item i buy the seller was so rude.... they mislead the buyer and i dont want lelong to end-up having group of seller who mislead- well as we know lowyatt also provide selling and buying but LOWYATT also are well know as the most dangerous place to shop... removelah.... remove (click the pix below to read the reason-BULLSHITZ)
for me if the seller didn't fucup people will not put up bad comment... so buyer just simply want a justice.... I not yet "bad comment" people thouthe item I bought on the promotion page clearly post up RED but when the item arrive it was totally orange and a bright one..... or the item stated it came in with software but nah i google pun tak dapat.... and the person didnt reply... i have 20 more days before rating session ended but will see lah ... how lelong wanna overcome it.... i still think it is a stupid step. SANGAT BODOH OK

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