Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Blind Side .... please please be available here

Can be more frustrating i check like few local cinema for this movie... The Blind Side not even in the list in coming soon tab @ GSC nope not in TGV , dan
1 movie suppose to release this month...
well the one i waited for... (definitely not new moon)

The Blind Side
well yup i know... but i sort of going for this kinda movie... watch the teaser here

besides Caroline

was release in February, 2009
i was hoping it will be available here just that i hate to Pirate it if not necessary.... but sometime i just opt for watching online no matter how bad it is

looking back this year i only watch few movie in local cinema and end up watching online for the one that i have been waiting for... sigh.. lastly pergi movie let people decide because none of it my option(kecuali inkheart-memang nak tgk) and lastly Bord of it... sigh

other Movies

on the other note... aku sangat tension today and wish not to talk to anybody... Am sick and Freezing cold.....