Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend: Pengat Jagung, Doria drop by, uncle visit and weird Massage

huhu what a tiring weekend, i was cooking Mutton Curry by the time i notice there is some maize in the fridge. hurm and remember it almost a week ago when i bought. initially i just want to BBQ it but then since there is some left over coconut milk i decide to do pengat instead and by that time Doria Arrive.

so i do some preparationand after those scraping and collecting the milk

put it in a bowl with some sugar, coconut milk and daun pandan
Keep stirring until it become creamy
and wallah serve it chill or hot.... but i prefer it chilledafter lunch Doria was drag for family outing/shopping in carrefour and we had fun playing with the free wifi kiosk
Trying on the keyboardAnd taking picture JAKUN style :P

but to my stupidity i cant think of activity for her :) SORRY DORIA
sigh....that is for saturday and
last night after those tired travelling to Kahang for
a friend wedding and arrive home somewhere around 3pm and drench in rain my uncle arrive home
(My Dad elder brother and younger brother)
they arrive after performing tahlil at my aunt house

Uncle, Aunty, Ibu and Cousin
Owh this is my dad younger brother... sporting i must say but i really had a hard time to talk to him... maybe am not used to meet him... but i know he such a sporting uncle
This is my dad elder brother... and the one i always stop by and visit last time when he still stay in JBthe closest person resemble to my dad :D
owh my brother had this weird massage which i had so much fun poking him and hug him.
huhu and i spoiled alot of food in Cafe world... Rugi...rugi...rugi :(


Doria Abdullah said...

Oh. Yg tu namanya Pengat. Somebody teach me it's "fat" wor... Haha

aLiSh said...

haha no i didnt lie it is fat coconut milk+sugar worrrr bunch of them