Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Brunch Selection

Since today i didn't cook for my lunch box so terpaksa lunch out today... but its okay. so what is my brunch menu if i did prepare

1. Egg and Chicken Sandwich

Basically you need egglah... boiled egg.....

left over chicken from dinner or steam any part of chicken with black paper and salt or if malas just cook it with water, black paper and salt.... rip it, de bone it and cut it into small bite.
use the egg slicer to slice the egg nicely....
and dice the tomato... put everything in a bowl + mayonnaise. combine everything and wallah your sandwich is ready... and yes spread it to bread of your choices.... add lettuce and green salad in between and i promise you, you will be much more energetic after the meal

2. Sashukar/Shashukar/Shakshouka/Chakchouka
(One of well know dish from Malaysian Arabic community)

Disclaimer: Thanks to Atikah for the recipe but i guess i change how i do it... but the ingredient remain the same lah... punya malas wanna check FB tulah Arab mudah lupa sorang nih!

you need this for shasukar.... well depends on how you like it to be but more or less for me Mediterranean dish taste almost similar. (if i was not mistaken only malaysian added the minced beef....)
1. chop Coriander, Asian celery
2. dice the tomato
3. a small can or tomato puree
4. red and green chili pepper

5. Dice Yellow onion
6. minced beef
7. Malaysian soup mix powder
8. minced garlic

I start off with Frying the minced beef with minced garlic

after a while i stir in the soup powder, dice onion, coriander and celery until soften.
pour in canned tomato puree. and taste it. balance it to your liking and at the end i stir in the dice tomato (i prefer the tomato to be a little bit raw)

Smear it in the baking dish and crack up the egg.... i make a hole to fix the egg but normally you just crack it on top of the prepared dish. before you start baking sprinkle some red and green pepper + coriander and celery leaf. bake it.

dig in with white bread... haha best i tell you..... tukar sikit make it lasagna......



jujahxo. said...

kalOlah aku ni duk satu umh ngn kO, kOmpem aku KENYANG sepanjang ari !! waaa teringin nk rasaaaa !

aLiSh said...

masak lah recipe tu ada situ... dia kalau masak kena main campak balik kalau ikut measurement mesti tak jadik so campak baling makan Pastu tidoooo huhu

jujahxo. said...

haha ! idea yg sangat menarek !
mesti cOba ;)

aLiSh said...

betul betul sesekali suami kena makan makanan ala bukan malaysian