Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Motorola Vs Sony Ericsson

yes! i love Sony Ericsson but why i prefer to use Motorola instead. yup so i miss my motorola.. planning to buy V9 but... nvm next time maybe

Top 5 List why i prefer motorola

1. privacy

believe it of not the only phone able to lock the file we choose.... yes not keypad lock not phone lock....
Example: multimedia folder > so we can enable others to play and view music list but we can lock video and picture..... or msg... so you phone don't actually lock. others still to use it but not nearing some part that really crucial ...we can secure it... yes we can

2. Sleek design
okay i love super super slim phone okay.. especially flip phone... come in various fancy color OK.....

With the famous aluminium case
so wanita ganas like me should use aluminum case... both HP buruk v3i and L6 jatuh entah how many times but 3 and 5 year survive until was recently stolen.....

3. The Charger/ Data Cable
yes the USB Firewire is also your charger... you can sync, transfer data while you charge your phone... beside you can share your car travelling charger with your iphone or ipod.... uh really help alot...... big time ok... besides i know Nokia and Sony come out with this USB charger
but you have to buy it separately ... while i just curi my external hardisk USB to charge my phone... no my battery still ok... ya... (while nokia and sony user start to complain about their specially bought USB Charger)... owh + the charger light help me a lot to

4. keypad
the aluminium keypad allows me to key in word easily... alamak Sony just making my life slow .. sigh... the alphabet changes very slow... really slow.. i hate it..... well making my life hard abandoning road rules.

5. Setting up ring tone
do you know that Motorola allows you to set 1 ringtone for the person or group.... yes other phone can do that too but hey... for sms and call tones completely the same for the group or the person.. so i can neglect (not totaly- sengaja lambat angkat atau kejar nak baca msg) unimportant contact :)

So the top 5 why i love Sony

1. Camera
yup even my dream newly release Motorola ROKR still stuck with 2.oMP cams.... Diff from sony which now came in with 10++MP

2. Note
two things why i love the note function...
firstly it may become your wall paper.... which means it can help you to memorize things while on the go with out hafta check in the folder..tengok jam see the note.. haha best..
yup the note can be share using blue tooth.... yup i am cheap skate... but to mengumpat ni dewan kuliah yg besar really helpful without spending on it ok....

3. Organizer function.. you don't really need smart phone if you have this.. unless you are heavy document reader....

4. setting up your phone
Sony some how really user friendly unlike Motorola..... you hafta go folder beyond folder inside a folder... so there.....

5. fancy theme
yup the most easy to find theme on net.....

so now you guys knowlah what to buy for my birthday.. V9 ke V8 je... 1600ming ke... haha


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Doria Abdullah said...

(Turing away and start walking) Lalalalala...

aLiSh said...

what happen to you anyway... curious