Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gift story

well while some of us busy waiting for the premier of toy story i went out for gift frenzzy around Batu Pahat...

yup i spotted some place which i already recognize but at the end... the search was fail..... sigh how can Ex-ICXers fail her search while working in the field a year... so i was frustrated .. i think my luck will be great if we got a chance to go Danga Bay in JB instead... 1 stop for everything now days... well last time for me, to find gift for friend before they go back to their respective country...

Arrive home cook for breakfast and solat... remember i had this 3 box of gift but still i have no idea what to give away..... (i should give my daughters all the gift i get-soon) anyway.... and come to my surprise there was 2 more box behind all the boxes.... 1 gift from my dad and 1 more my raya + birthday card.... reading all those card i receive from schooling days remind me of how many friend who turn to "Friend". owh i love all those card..... but the most is from Fara and 1 card that inspire me to DIY for my dad is from Elly's ... the reflexion

today i realize i had tons of key chain and each one of them was given by my dad... places that he went to... Cameron highland to even Ipoh...... one card catch my eyes.....

embedded to the card

i am waiting for a falling star
so that i can make a wish
to be with you forever
and continues with hand writing
& Ever
& Hope for the changes
& Success
with Love,
My dad never fail to sent me one each year.... sometime there will be 2 card arrive in my mail box.... i guess he couldn't make his mind which one would be suitable for me....

this year... Raya which also My birthday..... will definitely different as he leave us and stay in a better place... i do believe that... rest and happy without sins ...... i still remember the day he Passed Away.... with proud in my heart, me and my brothers stayed calm and compose to make sure we able to manage the situation. the first thing i said to him after i hugged and kiss him is "I tot you promise to Nikah me first yourself". i can't stop laughing remembering how stupid i am to whisper that to him on the hospital bed.... but we never know when Allah decide to take him away..... and i was so piss at my brother on the 4th day after he open all my Ferrari miniature car (Which was a gift from my dad 3 years different colour each year although i tell him so many times my dream car is Fairlady but he seems to love Ferrari anyway) and give away to my nieces..... but am okay now .. i found it back...... i don't know why i post this ... just to sudden.... to tell the truth my mind still set that he is still in ICU or watching TV with his favorite show wonder pet somehow..... ???? Weird....


Doria Abdullah said...

Ape ni. You make my cry so early in the morning la.

BTW can you PM me your home add? Nak hantar surat cinta. XD

EyEdA said...

alahai kskchik...
da bgenang da ni..
kang btal lak pose..
tamau la sedey2 k..
DIA xkn mnguji kite mlainkn atas ssuatu yg boleh kite tangani..
strong gal work on her own k..

aLiSh said...

Doria: .... thanks for crying with me....nantilah ok, lupa sahaja nak top up... bagi surat cinta jangan lupa bagi alamat sekali... alamat sarawak lagi bagus

Eyeda: huhu tak sedihlah tapi teringatlah... tak tau nak category kelakar ke apa.... huhuu

Ayu SHAMZA EaRyMuA said...

hye Alish, may your beloved Father be rest in Peace there.. doa banyak2.. kita doa sama2 k.. be strong dear!

aLiSh said...

hello ayu :P,
Yup RIP Walid ...... thanks.... i'll try and i will :)