Monday, September 28, 2009

Flash light on day light????

Thanks Ibu and My 2nd Bro for the surprise visit at my work place just now

The Cake..... nice one surprisingly

Bengang with my 2nd brother- dia ingat KFC is just like coffee house in Holiday villa agaknya.....
he ask everyone to sing for me... malunya luckily parit raja = kampung so they are not sporting for this kind of things... yes! 1-0

Meniup sedaya upaya-mum ask me to pretend for picture taking purpose only... but mana boleh... nak tiup jugak

My mum tak tahan see the children yang memang macam 17 dengan 19 years old

kena kacau still..... and that smile....
Malunya guess what my mum cari me in the office... well she is very good in buat tak tau and masuk restricted section but more worst...
walking from the gate to meet my bro in the car mana tau he standing there and sing Happy birthday.... and he park in front of bryani best and it's lunch hour and and and and maluuu... but thanks bro you made my day 10000000*
Muka pucat gila... go to work dengan berkabung.... wanna join friend for mogok makan after this
Kesian my bro nak jugak set up the kek... and send back my car key to parit raja hahahaha :P

Kesian - we all kongsi 1 dinner plate but full like hell
P.S: thanks to everyone for the text and sms and those FB wall post and calls for the wishes for the concern about my post earlier... am happy today hope fully last the whole year... and don not worry i still can stand along in the line... just wish for the best and millions of star thanks to you guys.... love + >hugs<


jujahxo. said...

happy birthday to u,
ku nyanyikan lagu untukmu,
dah tua dah rupenya kawan aku,
happy birthday to u..!

mOga semua impian & cita cita kO selama ni akan tercapai. aminnn~

aLiSh said...

Amin terima Kasih