Monday, September 28, 2009

Aku masih disini dan ......

Aku masih disini
hari hari yang ku lalui seperti ini
Aku masih disini
buat segala yang termampu untuk diri
Aku masih disini
buat segala yang termampu untuk keluarga
Aku masih disini
bezanya aku tak sekuat dahulu
Aku masih disini
menjahit luka dihati ini

today is the day where people celebrate with friends and family.... but today for the first time Walid will not join me. I mark my lowest point today....

being a winner or not in Ramadan doesn't change everything
and today

i was Awarded with ultimate ego as my birthday pressie......

no... i don't think any words will describe how i feel today
I was planning to go home and sleep away..... do the normal routine today...
but my head was okay until at 8am ... am losing it.... Pening kepala langsung no mood

i wake up with this empty feeling....

What did i archive this year?

well..... i think everyone well known of my position this year

No Master
No Dad
No Love ones
No job I love
Minus Goal
Minus Achievement
Minus Plan
Minus principal

and a present for my self=none/ nada/ nothing/ yeeelekkkk/ mei yau/ TAK ADA APA APA

Disclaimer: Thanks for those who text me via sms, wall post or anything... thanks... but am sorry i just wish everything will be different after this...

Semoga Hari anda lebih baik dari saya...

p.s thanks Abang dell your SMS really made my morning :D ..... i hope it will last the whole day at least.....

yup need to continue working....