Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 Dessert and 1 Side Dish

I hate take out food i think close friends and families know this already (Must be tired hearing am complaining take out food... not worth buying... take out for pemalas and well unless fast food that you cant cook it yourself) so its week end and guess for buka puasa... we need something extraordinary

So whats on Menu: 2 dessert and 1 Side Dish?

Desert 1: Home made ice cream...

with the help of my 4th brother we made french ice cream... yup the only difference is the egg yolk..... so the end product is similar to Gelato...

sebelum itu... am so frustrated..... wish there's cold storage here... seems like we stuck with one brand for the whipped cream... but haih ... bolehlah.... because this recipe was taken from a restaurant in UK i vows not to publish the recipe and what is it... but basically ice cream recipe almost similar so here.... Whisk egg yolk with sugar... agak agak rasa mcm nak buat cake means the ingredient is enough
since we are using dried smoked fruit so we need to cook it with brown sugar to soften the texture and after that blend it and chill in room temp

After the batter turn to pale color we combine the chilled blended fruit ...and whisk in the cream... chilled it and whisk once a while... or u can put in ice cream maker... after the texture required archived ... makan lah apa lagi

Dessert 2: Baked Choco Banana serve with Vanilla Ice Cream

For this dessert all you need is Chocolate and Banana..... you can use any chocolate... preferred dark choco ok

firstly i cut my Hershey's into 6 pieces

Slit the banana and stuff the chocolate

baked it at 250c for 15 minute.... you can just eat it hot that way or sit for a while and scoop in vanilla ice cream .... superb dessert in 15 minute.... smells really nice... the banana is super sweet and the dark chocolate bitterness levels the taste..... vanilla ice cream work wonders with it

The side dish.....
Kerabu Mangga
disclaimer.... Thanks to Puan Uyul for sharing but i added some other stuff and remove some
i think kerabu suppose to taste what you prefer to be in it...just make sure the main are there.. sigh... lapar balik....

so what we need:
Udang kering, Cili Api, Lada, Fried Anchovies, Bunga kantan, finely julienne Mangga muda, Ground nuts (10 pieces max), a little bit belacan, and julienne Onion........

bash those lada's, cilis, udang kering, friend anchovies and belacan finely.... put in the bunga kantan and Mangga muda.... bash a little and mix well..... salt and sugar to taste..... pergh sedap dimakan bergitu sahaja

The End product...... yummyyyyyy


Doria Abdullah said...

Yer. I just had sahur la. The banana and vanilla ice cream is a test on patience.. ROTF

aLiSh said...
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aLiSh said...

huhuh yalah i only remember i havent shot any pix the banana with the vanilla ice cream after i finish it all uh oh with mum