Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Fav Duo: MJack and EdMurph

Love them both but love them more if they were seen together.............
enjoy this few vids of
Micheal Jackson and Eddie Murphy

//Eddie jokes on Micheal//
Edmurph Make a joke on MJack Voice and Personality on stage

//Micheal Jackson And Eddie Murphy "What's Up With you?"//

Surprisingly they also work with each other on a song "What's Up With You?"

//Eddie Murphy impersonating Michael Jackson again//
But this one a little bit pale... not so funny as the first one...

//Arsenio Hall Show: Michael Jackson with Eddie Murphy//
MJack came in the studio as himself(a surprise visit & Cameo Appearance)to give EdMurph His MTV award for The greatest comedian of all time... and came to a surprise MTV also sent over an award for MJack the best Video Music of all time-for thriller... and both of the present each other MTV awards... (Hurm what best friend are for right... :) )

//Another Award for MJack presented by EdMurph//
87 America Award Mjack win for Golden Platinum Album around the world... Mjack spontaneous asking help from EdMurph on stage they laugh as EdMurph Made a spontaneous joke about what Mjack ask him to do... love it

//Micheal Jackson imitates James Brown//


jujahxo. said...

heyyy fanatik sungguh kamu padanya!

aLiSh said...

tak lah lucu lah dia punya video... terutama yg bg award tu comel