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Must Watch Movie : Love Phobia 도마뱀 and Queen of Langkasuka *Trailer Included

1. Queen of Langkasuka
My short comment: According to a resource claim to be the living descendant, this is a real story..... about southern community of Thailand which was actually the REAL royal family-> well For Siam.

The movie was firstly named as Queen of Pattani but because of some issue(in Thailand) they had to change to Queen of langkasuka... was not openly advertise in our theater due to Gov restriction(Because of its relation to history of Malaysia)... but do have fun... the movie claim to be some sort of the Pirate of Caribbean Asia or something..... Try not to compare the history of Langkasuka and this movie you will enjoy it... why i said this well because it has been far long that we fought for whose wrong and whose right about our position (before we fight for which county is actually the Semenanjung Emas and Tanah Melayu... and even wikipedia confuse about the center of Langkasuka which is kedah or pattani... so.. enjoy it)... owh one more... i wish that the Prince of pahang speak Malay rather than thai... it will be much exciting- just like how we like PGL bring us around Asia. owh i love their Malay costume... eye catching

Plot written taken from wiki:

Queen Hijau of Pattani faces overthrow by the rebel Prince Rawai, who is allied with pirate captain Black Raven. The pirates attempt to capture some giant cannon invented by Dutchman Janis Bree and Chinese inventor Lim Kium, but the Dutch ship carrying the cannon blows up and the cannons sink into the sea.

Meanwhile, an orphan sea gypsy boy named Pari is raised in a fishing village, which is constantly under attack by Black Raven's raiding parties. The boy, gifted in the magical art of Du Lum, is taken by his uncle Anjar to learn more of the magical ways of the ocean from White Ray, but the sage refuses to teach the boy. Nonetheless, Pari is soon communicating with the marine life. He grows into manhood and becomes a fighter against Black Raven's pirates.

Black Raven, also a practitioner in the Du Lum ocean magical arts, has been trying to raise the cannons from the depths of the sea.

Queen Hijau wants her own large cannons and seeks the inventor Lim Kium, who has been living in the sea gypsy fishing village. She sends away her daughters, Princess Ungu and Princess Biru. They will be under the protection of the queen's loyal commander, the fierce martial artist Lord Jarang.

At the fishing village, Lord Jarang comes under attack. Pari aids Jarang in fighting off the pirates, and Jarang makes his escape. In the confusion, Princess Ungu is believed to have been killed, but she has actually been rescued by Pari and taken to White Ray's remote island.

There, a romance develops between Ungu and Pari, but neither are able to commit. Ungu is due to marry the Prince of Pahang, an important ally of Langkasuka. And Pari is still tortured by the death of his childhood sweetheart at the hands of Black Raven's men.

In a cave on the island, Pari encounters Black Ray, an evil, unstable alter ego of White Ray, and Pari begins to learn more about Du Lum and the conflict between the black and white sides of the practice.

Eventually, all the forces - the rebel prince, the pirates, the ocean sorcerers, the queen and the princesses - will battle for the big cannon.

Queens of Langasuka was adapted by Win Lyovarin into the novel Bunga Pari (Thai: บุหงาปารี)

2. Love Phobia (
Love phobia tells a story about Ari a lovely girl who acquire AIDS thru blood transfusion and she claims she has a curse that whoever touches her something bad will happen to the person... but there was this boy who isn't afraid of her ..... she met once in elementary school. after an event she disappears and suddenly show up again in middle school and again she disappears.....

interesting love story to watch

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