Thursday, July 30, 2009

my childhood life: zaman saya kanak kanak dulu

Reporting 15 interesting Fact about my childhood little secret... (uih QSO at this age...)
RULES AND REGULATION : Letakkan gambar sewaktu kecil anda(Attach together your picture). Adalah baik sekiranya anda menulis 15 perkara yang orang tak tau semasa kecil anda(with 15 things that people didn't know about you when you were little). Di hujung entry, anda harus memilih 5 orang untuk ditag(at the end of the post tag 5 peeps to do this too). Anda amat bertuah jika ditag oleh saya sebab saya ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang zaman comel anda dulu.. p.s thanks kepada Pn Jujah for tagging me... :P jahat dengki malu tau

1. I was raised by my 3rd Brother (so some of his ideology, what ever his logy influence me, i think he still suffer painful memory growing me up-sorry Bro but I love you)

2. Am always my daddy little girl

3. owh i never stop crying.... do not i repeat do not detach me from my 3rd brother and my dad

4. Always ruin my dad painting.... but am just the follower....

5. always look up to my mum although i know she's lied..... (yes in this picture she said my dad will be back soon.... and my dad is in the UTC+8 to +10.5 time zone)

6. i don't drink other than milk and "Air juk je" basically basic H20

7. Owh i wave to every single plane pass by .... and hoping that my dad will see me .....

8. not exactly approachable but you can try with cats....

9. i was force to celebrate my birthday together with my 4th Brother every single year FGS but but but i want my own party

10. at age 3 i only wear baju kurung

11. i tot i help my mum with house chores but she said i never do

12. manage to ruin my dad typewriter from carbon to electric

13. !'m Fat...well until now

14. I use to hate my 4th brother so much because i was force to share alot of things but whenever he cries i cried too... or sick.... or fall... or...

15. People mistook me as my 4th brother elder sister because of my size

5 peeps i tag:
1. Doria
3. Faisza
4. Ayu Shamsi
Princess Aida- SMC/UTHM

p.s If you reading this from facebook you should view from original post.... 15 laughable picture for you guys...aww

p.s Enough with tag please penat tau nak siasat diri sendiri :P


jujahxo. said...

haha. kecik kecik dah berangan nak masak ;b

peliklah, tym kecik kecik kO ni kejap gumuks kejap kurus. heee

Ayu SHAMZA EaRyMuA said...

hoho.. aku igt, masa ko sekolah, ko adalah budak yg chubby.. tp makin besar, makin (malas nak cakap neh).. anggun!! haha.. ko suka boy ek, wait n see la dear, aku tk kisah, asal selamat n sihat..

byk la pic tym kocik ko.. best giler..

aLiSh said...

alah sebenarnya gemuk manjang.... kurus masa setahun dua je start 3 gemuk gila... makan tak minum susu je

aLiSh said...

Ayu: thanks sebab puji hahahha alah picture tak mesti banyak yg peting the 15 facts hahha

EyEdA said...

manyaknyer gmba tym kecikk..
t ekk..
kne kumpol2 lu gmba b4 wat tag ni

aLiSh said...

Halamak... tak sabarnya cepat lah buat mesti ko kawaiiiiiiiii jugak mcm gambar tepi meja tu huhuhuh