Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Type A "Cool"?

geh geh so now i know why... so i was dropping by my friend blog @My Tale Stories@ and find this... what my blood type says about me.... to read other blood types click here

Blood type:A
Roughly 34% of the world is A +ve and 6% A -ve.

Obedient, Careful, Sympathetic, Self-Sacrificing, Polite, Honest, Loyal, Emotional, Introverted & Nervous.

Are reserved calm and even tempered. Sensitive to public opinion. May be Introverted, shy and nervous or ill at ease with others. May be Pessimistic. Value relationships and are loyal. Hesitant to change. Nature lovers and dislike crowds - need a private place or secret hideaway. Can be indecisive. Good at team work and obey rules.
Dislike to touch or be touched by others.


Doria Abdullah said...

Macam you la. LOL.

aLiSh said...

am i nervous? i agree with everything except this and polite... man im rude and rough ok~ ahaks

Doria Abdullah said...

Alish Alish (still the budak kecil mode).. Nak aiskrim!!!

Ah. Very random. But yeap, that's what happen to me these days. Nak buat ape je, pergi buat. XD

I took a test once and the result is "Type A". But the result sounded like I'm too agitated or something. Ha ha.

aLiSh said...

uh oh.... eh how come you treat me budak kecik mode?

no lah agitated itself already too how to say hurm tooooo strong the meaning....