Sunday, March 15, 2009

My story today and Watching The Watchman with the Peeps

/////The Watch Man trailer\\\\\

The Movie Review (my side)
Overall: OK
stars: 3 1/2
why: well the super heroes thingy was okay but it was under my expectation since it is from DC COMIC. ... love the fighting scene, music in the film, special effect and Rorschach. the story line is not boring except for the cheesy part (well making love with the boom as background and all). Read the review from WIKI. it was a nice movie to watch just ignore the cheesy part it will be perfect.. and the making out scene was rather amusing than arousing hahahhah what the hell i was review about.. anyway it was ok but not perfect :)

Today(my leads....)
after the whole morning facing my deepest frustration which just got heavier. Then Doria Contacted me for an outing (which a promise over due as well- on the other note i really love the t-shirt THANKS). so there was Doria, me, Fads, Rennis and Tina<huhuhuh....filling up my lonely days, thanks to fizzy too he always came out of the blue and make me laugh but i kinda embarrass when he call me today morning.. not exactly the right time....hurm so the story.... i was so piss of.. i hate to let people wait thou that is their option... i have to reject people but as i said to my office mate and all... I AM NOT AVAILABLE.... i don't mind about money or looks.... i want to be only with the one i fall in love with and in love with (which ever go first) felt like running so far .... funny somebody didn't believe i was still HOT TO GO at these age haha... sorry for you guys.. i know you guys are prefect but 4 people came in at the same time i rather reject all, well after all my heart belongs to somebody... thou he is... well... em.... Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made it out of clay what the...... alish stop sings that haha...... it was okay i survive today.. it was great to drive until no one existed on the road and will hit the road again after this...... i should pack up moral of the story... will not be online this few days :) personal note: it has been a very long time since i review or write anything about movie.... which means i skipped twilight, inkheart and bedtime story... nite All... Semoga hari anda semua lebih baik dari saya :). before i forget

Disclaimer: Takziah diucapkan kepada Faizal (I hope you okay by now) for his lost.


bacteria said...

alish, kau sedang dilamun chenta ke?

aLiSh said...

huhu kay ni memang ah tak baca bebetul :P

bacteria said...

:P sj je buat rumors

Anonymous said...

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