Monday, March 02, 2009

Broken Scar + know them + listen to them

For those who watch KAMI or Follow KAMI you guys should already recognize Broken scars music. thou i do watch KAMI the series i never notice it until recently i run a massive search on all talented Malaysian entertainers.... for me it is not about the genre but it is all about the music......

Broken scar genre is listed as rock band in ReverbNation but sign under indie label. was existed since 2005.

Under the Broken Scar moniker, Kevin Teh, a charismatic singer-songwriter from Malaysia has made head turning music and delivered memorable performances pumped with high energy from the very first show as a solo act. Ask anyone in the Malaysian music scene and they will tell you that Kevin is like a kid on sugar high.(, March 2009)

you can listen to them here: (with recommended track: Shooting star, down, scratch and hey you)


know them more:

Notice them (the First Release-2006):

According to Broken Scar's blog their last perfomance in kl will be toms... so catch them if you can :) :


bussines zona said...

koleksi nya ya?
lam kenal dari blogger indonesia

aLiSh said...

salam kenalan... yup yang saya tahu dan ada di reverbnation....

eh nama kamu apa blog kamu tu fix lah satu cbox ke shout box ke so if ada visitor yg nak comment atau chat itu bisa... sebab kadang kadang visitor nak bicara pasal benda lain :) yg tak ada kena mengena dengan post...