Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Go light with Sony VAIO P

was observing around for cams in Sony web and found this VAIO P Series which so "gempak" i mean yup i read people commented on the product but for me i think if i can afford it for sure i would by it.... i always carry around my supersize laptop around since i use it for programming but i need a light weight small pc which i can bring around for contingency plan... always last minute to check email, wifi, downloading job... and stuff.... transporting files ... VAIO P is build in with 60 GB hard disk and 2gb RAM for the "super slow and heavy vista home basic"... you can use USB and MMC/SD too.... and if you buy the high capacity battery.. you can use it for 8 hour but if the standard battery "still" 4 hours... so am happy with that condition.....besides wifi and Bluetooth is around.... means more flexibility.. haha....
well you can decide your self...

view the promo and in 360 angle>


Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
Intel Atom Processor Z520 (1.33 GHz)
2 GB DDR2 SDRAM (on board*4)
8" wide (UWXGA: 1600 x 768)
TFT colour display


Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Atom Processor Z530 (1.60 GHz)
2 GB DDR2 SDRAM (on board*4)
8" wide (UWXGA: 1600 x 768) TFT colour display
RM 3788.00


bacteria said...

wah.. lagi hebat dari apple mac book air x nih.. ko biar btol harga dia tu? mcm x mungkin jer.. silap2 4k kot..

aLiSh said...

lor ko tgk lah link attachment aku tu...... serius ... ingat launching price la... nanti dah habis habis promote dia naik sikit kot

bacteria said...

abis tu ko beli ker? ritu pegi sony center x jumpe pon..

aLiSh said...

huhu tak la....planning je nak beli duit lom ada lg huhuhuhuh

bacteria said...

alalala.. x pe slow2 jln.. jom dinner..

aLiSh said...

leh ah tunggu blan depan.... sekang tengah sengkek giller

bacteria said...

x ckp pon soh kluar duit.. ngee~~

Anonymous said...

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