Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Save by An Angel

I died as inanimate matter and arose a plant,
I died as a plant and rose again an animal.
I died as an animal and arose a man.
Why then should I fear to become less by dying?
I shall die once again as a man
To rise an angel perfect from head to foot!
Again when I suffer dissolution as an angel,
I shall become what passes the conception of man!
Let me then become non-existent, for non-existence
Sings to me in organ tones, 'To him shall we return.'
Mawlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī (مولانا جلال الدین محمد بلخى)
This is a story of a girl saved by and angel, Human believe in angel as supernatural being. The one who save them, the one who guard them. Judaic, Christianity and Islam define their existence as the messengers.

But for Aliyyah her guardian angel is simply A MAN. Aliyyah lost in her own world being deprive from her normal self. She put herself lower than the tickness of grass into the ground. She almost end her life with some plan in her head. Believing once she gone, the person she love the most Isaac will know how she feels. (Yup stoopid i know). however she was planning, she was crying the whole two month and keeping her self in the dark thinking on how miserable her life is and one fine day by the will of God she was piss off with a colleague, Joseph. All day in Aliyyah's eye Joseph is a blur guy who was late for a meeting and a damn pain in the ass. Until he claim he saw the sadness in her eye. she lie and lie as she hate people to know her sadness side. than again by the will of god (well Aliyyah keep herself in the dark for 2 month remember, she never let her self enjoy the colorful world) they were out together chit chatting. at the end of the series, she caught into a major confusion. she loved Isaac so much but She like being with Joseph..... who's charming, now reliable to her eyes, and never give her chance to stop laughing the whole day. She hated the feeling and keep hoping one way or another her wish will come true. she hope that Joseph is Isaac, the one she loved and hope for. Until Joseph tells her, he going away and keep telling her "one day, when I'm gone, you must.........". she felt so ironic and hate the world as if they were playing with her. her angel and savior is removing himself from her life. she hate to make decision, she hate more and more the situation that force her that way. But at the end she still alone. although Isaac is there but, he still the way he is. Aliyyah glad that she has been saved by Joseph but the happiness won't last forever. Joseph...... the sole of Aliyyah happiness vapor in the air. and Aliyyah........

Moral of the story: you write yourself

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