Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Save by An Angel Part 2

Aliyyah wakes up from her dream. Both Joseph and Isaac is still in her life. while Joseph beg Aliyyah not to end their story, Aliyyah has hope for it to be the way she dream off. caught in the feeling of guilty and uneasiness. Alliyah once again in a deep hole where she try to untangle the mess. the mess before she met Joseph was different but now worst in a good way. Joseph fulfill all the criteria that she need from a sole mate but Isaac is her dream guy. Apple in her Eyes for such a long time. Just being with him is what she want, no matter what he make Aliyyah feels, she pledge infront of him she won't let him go. the promise she made now seems regretful thou she know she still want him. Aliyyah don't know now what she felt. She just hate to be in this kind of mess. She pray and pray that one day she will end out with the one for her. She pray that Joseph is no more a dream. What should Aliyyah do? Joseph is her angel but now unexpected turn Isaac slowly turning to her. should she continue her life with Isaac? the person who made she think she is worthless until today or Joseph the angel, but human he is... human with unclear intention, unclear mission and now the one who made Aliyyah afraid to come back into her real world..... between hell class 1 and low class heaven? you decide :) -the "not yet" end-


Doria Abdullah said...

Got part 3 or not? Am somehow, somehow (see the emphasis) piecing up the stories together.

Look for what is it that makes you happy la. But make sure you do not suffer.

aLiSh said...

am not sure.... more suggestion?