Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outstation gone wrong, Beryls help me :)

shit am so piss off but hey what to do my luck just hurm getting all worst these days.. anyway since i pass simpang ampat, melaka i don't think going back to jb was a great idea since i need to pass my brother most important thing in his world (lagi pun if i drive back that time it will be kerja 'Gila'. so i gave up my last few ringgit going straight to Subang and then went to Sri Damasara lepak-ing at my elders bro house.... so my bro bring out a pack of chocolate and i love it without asking much until i hold the package.. beryl's is my favorite choco brand, mostly because of tiramisu and bitter mint. but i never tasted coffee delight before. then my sister in law tell me about the price and where about. so i decided to went there on the way back to jaybee

Beryl's Factory in Seri Kembangan

the shop (so small and full with people)
Never taste chilly milk choco before (except for chilly chocolate ice cream in Jalan telawi)

coffee delight from Beryl's (this is why i decide to stop by in seri kembangan- never seen it on shelf before)

walk out from the shop with happy faces and huhuh chocolate cheap cheap cheap sale (shop and really drop since i don't have anymore money with me- luckily i reload my touch n go last week) arghhhh so happy after long frustration the whole December 2008 and half of January... glad i do stop by at least something than nothing.
Owh before i forget... do you guys listen to morning crew today? it was crazy and i love it. old school and cool... it was in Malaysian Language and it really remind me of THR sigh hahah. man really remind me of old days... gadisku from nico, fiona from 4U2C and alot more huhuh..... huhu thanks JJ and Ian haha.......

on the other note :HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHY Whoo hooo


Doria Abdullah said...

Finally can load your blog already. Broadband has his own mood. :D

I want Beryl's... Have been relying much on chocolate these days also. Bought two bars: Snickers and Mars and put them in the bag. Tak pasal2 habis dalam satu hari -- hantu Mars took mine and leave me with a Snickers.

Just came back from Jusco. It is something very natural for me to do now; walking to that chocolate row, took either one Mars / one Snickers / both Mars and Snickers and go to pay at counter.

Ahmad Nadzri Bin Muhammad Nasir said...

Alish, bleh belanja satu Beryl's tak?

aLiSh said...

Doria: Sigh.... didnt bring back here that much half of the pack in bp.

Nadzri: boleh nanti kalau aku turun FSKSM aku bg sikit je... dah tinggal sikit