Friday, January 16, 2009

My Aphroditē dejavu (cont)

Recap: My Aphroditē dejavu
  1. Give and take
  2. Transparent
  3. Understanding each other
  4. Trust
  5. Care
yes trust would be my 4th love bible, trust me and i will trust you. similar to point 4, point 5 it is not as hard to do, if you think you can't even give a damn what happen to your partner then who are you to your partner. You cant aspect your partner to be okay although s/he's says 'okay', some how s/he need you to support h/re in everything s/he does. Just imagine if you sharing a good news with you partner and and s/he say .. "owh ya ok" and change topic ..... what will you feel? when you decide to become a companion to somebody you need them to be your companion la! not and object..... people do have feelings if you don't then why you even care to start the relationship? hurm....

so what is my hell guide, yup of coz i do have hell... where there is heaven there is hell right.... so the major don't is:

1. Lie
Never lie to your companion no matter how small you think it is...... i personally rather know the truth than being lie to, it is painful to know the truth only after being lie to..... making your companion down and stress...... it is not what you do that leads to lie but sometimes the reason you lie make it worst.....
2. Ex's
for the love of God Ex's is like the TNT okay....... you can talk about them but please you already break up with them(some more if it end 2 years ago) now you with some one new is it really necessary to tell you new gf "ren call me 'honey' " and your gf name is fu now.... not ren..... after that don't pandai pandai cover it up like " owh sorry, am so used to it, ren call honey" haha great you make he/r from depress to suicidal.......

yup am Bord that's why i post all this thing but it is important to be in a relationship where you respect each other and be THE Companion... and embrace it.....


on the other hand few question that i would love to ask/ used to ask my friend and family:

what will you do when you totally sad and depress with your life.... but people don't see it because of your personality and your achievement cover it all, and you have somebody with you but they just don't give a damn or the reason for it?......

what do you feel when some body tell you they left you because they love you.....

what will you do when there if somebody who close to you who support you and be there for you but your relationship with him/her is.... nothing? will you be with them? thou love never written in your head

what will you do if you love somebody who love his/her ex more than s/he love you?

how you remove your true feeling?

how to get rid asshole? geh..... haha

hurm can some one enlighten me?

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