Saturday, December 06, 2008

So I went to RedBull female driver search (RBFDS)

yup so i went there today in Sutera mall,Johor
with 2 of my brother; my eldest and my 4th brother. the test is quite OK but am not sure about 2 of the test. the test is as follow
1. Questionnaire about Merdeka millennium endurance and Sepang stuff (spoiler je lah takkan i gave out all the tips gua)
2. Simulation something like Dytona thingy
3. drive test (they searching for people who can drive the course below 55second++)

sigh, am so wanting to be inside the team but they say they will contact if i pass the test.... wish me luck because this is my dream...... owh there will be more test if i pass this one...... so happy just to go today because atleast i try before quitting :)..... owh ya this vids is my 3rd test

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