Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Compilation of Selected deleted scene from Aspire faci intro vids

heeyaaa'll.....to do the aspire faci video intro we (shooting starz) shoot i think almost 4 dozen of clips.... what they don't know yet is i made a compilation vids from the deleted scene.... i only use 1 dozen of it and still got like 2 dozen of deleted scene around.... which is too obscene-and good one (by means the person inside the vids might felt intimidated if i show the whole world). anyway i will share both the original that we use and the deleted scene compilation. and hope you guys enjoy...

p.s if you reading this from facebook you might need to view the original post(use the link) to view both video..... thanks and again hope you guys enjoy it.

////the original Aspire Faci Video Intro////

///deleted scene compilation///

in the video: Lem, Doria, Atikah, Joanne, Simon, Fadli, J Kartek, Izzyan and yup... mua....

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Ahmad Nadzri Bin Muhammad Nasir said...

Tak pe ko daftar jer tahun depan bulan 6 keje dulu jari RA ke RO ke? ok gak tu