Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just have to post this: OBAMA Combo Breaker

haha just something to share. the other day me, Raslan and Fadli went out together and having some sharing session and just cant wait one of the think that we discuss.... yup obama the combo breaker.... thou a lot of issue regarding Obama in Malaysia News paper about Malaysians and Obama but hell.... we just wish for greater nation and hopefully changes in our lovely world

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Doria Abdullah said...

Like the second pic.

Tapi kan, kalau nak tunggu Obama punye perubahan tu perlu tunggu lama sikit la. Tak mungkin perubahan tu berlaku sekelip mata.
Paling cepat pun, ada statement tentang military stuff -- aspek utama yg orang minat sangat sampai pilih si dia ni jadi Presiden.