Tuesday, August 12, 2008

got the answer why the weird sms

alamak hi,

somebody think that i into my ex. well am not, okay. it is so funny because she (the new GF) keep thinking i still contacted 'him'. am not that desperate to buzz my ex since i have my own issue and there is tons of guy who still waited for me (not the right one-if you thinking of waiting for me i hunt for a guys who is Beriman and also the person who can guide me to become Muslimah okay) and of course i will choose one of them when the time has come.... so ... there....
I almost kill one person today (the person who have similar name she mention) and glad to find she is not talking about the same person in my mind now...... can't wait to tell Doria this and please do wish me luck in finding my own Love

p.s remind me of my ex Rezza Krishnan .... if i would have to choose the last person on earth and left only my ex to marry, that will be him.... (tu pun kalau dia masih nak lagi.... turn the pendulum 2 times but ends with a confusion still if his was the one it will the third time we try)....
now i really hope the other SMSers (the weird one) also reveal to me what actually they want from me

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