Thursday, July 03, 2008

Am not ready to go back to uni

  1. just not ready
  2. i will miss streamyx
  3. no college to stay (ya i call hep they say i didnt apply... what i did apply i still keep my excel form about my placing-ass, even my friend help me out. Gawd why???? ktr got vacancies but with junior as my roommate, i love ktr no spot check, can cook samore, and food was great there- well if they stilll keep the people that will be great. k9 hurm will try)
  4. my PSM (Final project)is complete disaster with my hard disk rosak and all what a stupid thing to happen am still waiting for my ptptn to gimme money to buy a new one.
dunno what should i do atcually.... UTM is great
but facility ... hurm.... gym-check, swimming pool-none, free internet connection in room- no thou some college is, rule and regulation- highschool level, nice room- not in most colleges, happy-no.....

well my friend will be graduating last sem mean friend-less... woah samore hafiz staying outside, man cammon what should i do......