Thursday, July 31, 2008

Major Confuse and update..... my update :)

hurm it has been really long time since i update the blog ..... am so busy with study and prepared my self (ya lah mengada ngada apply for Faci) for Colours(camp) and Aspire (camp) .

Colours Prep

Colours faci team...

Clyde pensive look... tired maybe arrive from Singapore...

When to Putrajaya last week with:

Putrajaya Carrefour door



Stupid Love mechine who grade me as old school

Jeanne is checking out her love catergories
When sushi king with fads

ChawamushiSushi king fried tokoyaki

Tokoyaki close up

Same set all the time....

ah .... when for alignment and change my tyre :) Duit terbang lagi huhuhuh :)and yesterday is the most confusing day for me, AIESEC Gath exceeding my expectation so congrats for AIESEC UTM Learning task force (snap snap snap).... 2 picture below were taken after the gath.... owh about the confusing thingy... got a call from a person named him self JOE.... you way to freaky man......

Attend today BIP and BIC seminar
, so sleepy until i found this guy in front of me go online and now am online as well hahaha got chance to update blog... LASTLY

Owh and my series of unfortunate event...... my car window crash...... badly..... reported and got back my cash and still waited for my tinted....... (Pemotong rumput indon tak pergi sekolah... hello Malaysians car mostly tinted that's why the glass is not scattered around......they insisted it is not their fault.....)
End of update and cant wait for SR to come to Johor and spent his off day with me...... Tuntut Dark night, Pampered me who has been sick for 3 weeks now.... and a lot of discussion

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