Wednesday, July 02, 2008

For the 8TV quickie


Episode - Show us how this note book change your life

(double click the picture please to see it clearly)

8tv quickie, 8tv quickie on 8TV who is the winner of the notebook..... alish alish is the winner, the one who deserve to be the winner.....muahahaha

I will be back for my final year next week, I badly need a pc solution besides bringing back my OLD pc (yup outdated and heavy).... I can’t stay all day in computer lab; if I have laptop am sure I can be online via UTM wifi.

Why I should win:

  1. Will fully utilize the laptop for mobility and building( yes building! and execute) my final year project.

  2. Save my time and space to concentrate on studying without feeling insecure (ya lah coming back late to be connected to Internet and all)

  3. Lowering my bone force (by carry light item like hp laptop :) muahaha)

  4. Helping my parent by providing them peace of mind (no need to buy me laptop, no need to worry about me coming back from my faculty late night)

and the rest is up to the shrewd of 8tv peeps.... please please grant me my wish



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