Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coming Back to UTM

Hurm arrive back to UTM is really pain in the ass... to many things to do after the few series of calling HEP for my Accommodation location and lastly me (+Doria) register at Kolej Sembilan the Factory look alike building in our university

My part of the room

Feel totally disgusted with the toilet... until today.... totally ewwwww
My car from my room

Lunch and Dinner with the Peeps

Cut my hair for real

Meeting my bro

Completely missing my long hair

Visit friend family ladang kambing
Just to let you guys know why didn't i elaborate more because UTM WIFI connection is getting bad and now shifting to worst... from WIFI UTM to Facs connection even Library..... not so Technology i guess... why don't they add up the bandwidth...... it is not feasible to me and and it is not cool to be in the state of restarting since i have a very important task to do and K9 was F****** Far and suckie.....

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ay[i]n said...

Hey girl, just dropping by to say hi :)

Hope to see you soon :D Take care!