Sunday, June 29, 2008

What an IDIOT

I grew up with all guys in my life. My brothers were awesome and never once made me felt uncomfortable. Guy, guy, guy, but this time i can't tahan any more. my Idiot friend is annoying me.... am so piss i don't care even if he read my blog and this post is totally about him... for 2 years i don't even care what he was and his attitude...because we were friend and close one. until he recently broke up with his mate...
i don't even understand why he existed (this ego idiot guy) and he blaming her for the split

1. he use his GF friendster to sent msg to her EX questioning whether he and her still contact and have some string attach (ya clash can't still be friend meh? complete psycho). she trusted you with her username and password and what you do, using it to vent your jealousy in a wrong way. can you be more gentlemen and use your own ID At least.... what an ass.
2. He accuse her to have affair with her ex just because she (with her parents) when to visit her EX in hospital badly injured of accident.... not like she when there by herself and run towards him with hugs and kisses i am sure she will not do that since the parents is by her side...
3. he used to date some one else besides her at the early of the relationship (owh now pandai la dok jealous and all). he even play hard to get and keep deceiving her last time.... WTF
4. everything happen he keep blaming her not once blame him self for his insecurity.
5. right after the break up he wanted to use his best friend to substitute her and replace her straight away.
6. he and his friend curse her ( WTF if you already break up what ever happen between you and her should be a secret, you have no right to insult her that way, and tell everyone about her, be more mature plezzzzzzz!!!). he was proudly telling me how idiot he is..... (seriously i felt the gurl pain- thou i didn't know her) .
7. Face it like a man, you was wrong since the beginning and get life!
i once face this problem and what i get to know is the Man that i thought the ONE is the real big JERK... just like him.... similar not even a little diff..... man seriously you 27 years old not 17.... DUH! i dunno am really frustrated with him.... he should not treat her that way, not to the one you love.... i dont understand... am so far am really happy with my ex except the 1 complete idot like him, we still friend and respect each other so much....

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