Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pertandingan Zapin Johor 2008

We (my family) when to watch Pertandingan Zapin Johor 2008 (few weeks ago) because my brother in it. it's been a very long time since my bro join. since he so free that week he join his previous team which he used to join and the team win. we were so happy that day because, worth it lah (because me and my parents drive from BP). we not always able to support him or any of our family member that much..... but my parents really glad to be there

Disclaimer: am proud of my brother and Kumpulan Kesenian seri budaya(kksb) because they don't mix girls and guys in one stage. besides that KKSB is the only group (since before) with real MAN dance in it (am not discriminating anyone gays or lesbos but i think it will be better if we narrow down stereotyping some group to join dance so.. there....)

//the Vids in you tube//
Johan Bagi Kategori Terbuka.
Kumpulan Kesenian Seri Budaya (Batu Pahat).
Pertandiangan anjuran Yayasan Warisan Johor di Stadium Badaraya, Johor Bahru.
30 Mei - 1 Jun 2008

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