Thursday, June 12, 2008

HIV and Religion in: A hand to lead, A heart to care

well upon request from Dear Doria.... i will elaborate a little bit more here about the session mention above.

the speaker of this session is:
  1. Dr.Ghazali Bin Hj. Hassan (off USM) (Representing Islam)
  2. Mr. Lawrence Chan (representing Christian)
  3. and Dr.Aniza Abd Aziz (off Kementerian kesihatan Kelantan)

from what i can recalled:
* both Panel 1 and 2 Agree that to overcome the spread of the Virus is through Abstain against being together with your illegitimate partners. Dr Gazali share with us how Muslim should handle their nature call according to The Quran.While... Mr Lawrence spread the idea according to our religion itself it is better to Saved sex rather than safe sex. because when you practicing Saved sex, means that you will keep your virginity thus also means that no promiscuous behavior. This will help you to prevent your self from harm and also danger of getting HIV. by meaning of safe sex there is still 1% probability.

* Dr Aniza together with Dr Ghazali share their story in convincing the Imam how bad the situation is and they only get Young Imam to concern and understand their main objective. they able to work hand on hand but that is just the start, they really want Mufti too involve in the matters as well.

Wrap up: by religion point of view abstain is the best way to prevent HIV speed up spreading their wings. by society they hope that religious institution can help spread the information on HIV ( especially how can they spread up and harm reduction). they hoping by educating the religious institution, they able to fight stigma and discrimination. and even associate the best way to share the information (like in Kutbah and Tazkirah).

other then that i don't remember but i will update if it does come back to me. since topic such above is like a "Taboo" to our community i tot by providing such session make me really happy.... so tu dia.....


Doria Abdullah said...


Muacks... Love you so much for this posting!!! Seriously =)

Ertinya imam tua susah sikit nak terima konsep HIV, AIDS dan penularan HIV la? Just one question -- do they talk about it during sessions in mosque?

I also don't recall talking about HIV/AIDS in Pend Islam classes -- do you?

Is it safe to play HIV/AIDS issue along with religious issue? =)

P/S: This is totally random but check out Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and Take That's "Rule the World".

The first hit is awesome, came across the song online.

The second song was introduced by Mat UUM early last month -- was chatting with him while preparing for session in NTU.

aLiSh said...


the imam actually afraid of supporting the whole idea itself since Islam is a holy religion, where we promotes sex only after married and drug sin is in the same level as drinking alcohol (bahan yang memabukkan or cause you to become drowsy and hallucinate). This all activities will bring harm to Akal (your sense and brain function). They afraid if they were associated with the issue people things that they promote youngster to involve in sin and crime ( Condom, Drug usage).
Most people not aware of this: like Church, Mosque do provide extra training to their believer like (Al-Quran Class, Arabic Language Class, Fardu Ain Class, Support class for newly convert and support for family institution). If I not mistaken they still finding a good module and where the slot should be in.
HIV in Pendidikan Islam, Gila ke apa?, this is what i think la, you know since Islam Hadari also is big matter to Extremist and Yup the opposition, if government put in the syllabus by that time sure kena habis punya. And parents will scream like hell. (thou Stigma is the real things here). But only if the education able to be on Air i think more and more people will understand the situation. But even media now also hardly shown any HIV aids awareness. So.... keep hoping one day there will be.. if this happen our PBOX will run smoothly ahhahhaha.......

Cold Play eh... will try to catch it....

Doria Abdullah said...


It's not gila la, it's something we can actually do. Try introduce a topic e.g. 'Islam dan Isu Sosial Semasa', something along the lines of opening up a channel to talk about it in Pend Islam class.

But then, there will be a lot of weakness la--

1. Writing of the topic, even the issue must be in advice mode and not be too 'damning', like condemning the PLW HIV too much

2. The ustaz or ustazah teaching about the topic must know how to pass the message on

Hey, I have this really crazy idea of working for UNICEF again if they have any national conf this year, like what we did last year -- wonder what happen to the Agenda for Action now. No news whatsoever. Maybe we're not loud enough.

aLiSh said...

i understand and i do agree to promote it around lah..... like you you list down....

am thinking on behalf my retro parents.... hahah and retro rakyat lah....

about the agenda for action.... i think it stay inside the conf and vanish into thin air.

lefe one agenda which is through ourself as change agent... cheh wah ....

hurm so since we talking about this... are you thinking of changing some of things in CRRA?

Doria Abdullah said...


I felt... different today. So I'll be really crazy and just give you more muacks ya =)

Che wah... Change agents?!! Kinda. If we really track the people making action after the youth conf, it'll be a shame man...

I have some ideas on CRRA that we can try:

1. Can try on 'healthy living' line -- more sports activities on a bigger scale. Bowling ka, sports carnival ka... Invite school children along to make the impact bigger

2. Design shopping bag that plays along the lines of HIV/AIDS [red shopping bag, different theme]

3. Movie carnival on the movies with HIV/AIDS theme

4. Small but engaging promo methods, e.g. leaving big boards at strategic locations with papers and pens and other materials and pose Qs, e.g. "What is the first word that you think of when you hear the term HIV/AIDS?"

5. Malaysia Book of Records record breaking feature maybe?

- Pledge money, e.g. RM 0.20 = 1 red balloon, the more you donate, the more balloon you get, then at opening ceremony, lepaskan all the balloon to the air

- 'Print of Love' -- each one put their palm print on a big piece of white cloth, with written messages etc, then 'bentangkan' the whole white cloth around UTM

6. 'Red' day? Everyone wears red? 'Red' night? Dinner night where the theme is red? [sounds copycat like la]

Have we tried promotion or awareness at CS or Pelangi Plaza or even Tebrau before?

aLiSh said...

woah big scale idea.... i love it so much esp the ballon. Road tour bebeh.... i think it will hit big time if we get hotel, jotic, uitm and monash to join....

Gambatte kudasai, great idea doria... woah...... hurm i think i will work... this is second round kua sud be that big....