Monday, June 16, 2008

Damn.... i put on my weight again

sigh.... really.... i want to go back to school....
yup i say it.... not even full 2 month yet but i can't fit in my pants anymore.... help..... i think i just cut my 3 times meal to 2 meal per day but it is really hard because my dad prepare breakfast for us. so i can't bear to not eat since he will keep asking why am no taking my breakfast. the most important thing is that every meal comes with dessert...

this is my favorite breakfast: baked bean and egg

My least favorite breakfast: Mee goreng, Mee siam, Nasi Lemak.... instead of giving me energy the help me to go back to sleep after waking uphalf boil egg most of the time because my dad love it

hurm well well well start to talk about dessert since am home the fridge is full with ice cream that is our main dessert but you guys always see ice cream around so i put other dessert picture first. Moose cake
Durian ShakePengat Jagung (some say bubur jagung)Durian mom favorite


Doria Abdullah said...


You're not the only one adding on to your weight... I've gained weight too. My main JD at home is eating -- if I don't eat, one of the parents would ask, "Why aren't you eating?"

Hopefully can still fit into my formals.

Doria Abdullah said...


Wanna chat with you actually -- was thinking of backpacking at end Oct to Jakarta. I don't have finals ma, and I just finished my practical that time... RM 300++ return flight on AirAsia from JB. If I go Jakarta, maybe can visit some LCs there, kinda have my own LC visit and have fun there... What do you think?

Really want something different this time -- my mom will surely scream "You think you're printing money is it?", now that she and Dad... You know la, don't want to mention it here.

Totally random stuff. Ha ha.