Friday, May 23, 2008

Wish list 1

haha i know my birthday is like few month away but its not wrong to list down my wish gift list right so
first we start with the cheaper price product so friend pick you choice

1. Finger guitar pick(alaska pik finger guitar pick) -cost you not more than 5 ringgit each.
2. Guitar pick holder (Dunlop scotty pick holder) - well more or less 5 ringgit each
3. Ernie Ball thumb pick RM15 each
4. Wedgie Mic stand pick holder +- RM12
5. Planet Waves Pro-Winder String Winder/Cutter RM 20
6. Coffin case shape wall guitar holder - that is RM 30 Ringgit
7. Shubb Deluxe S Series Steel String Capo8. Hercules stands GS432B Tri stand Guitar stand (preferred ;) ) not more that 200 Ringgit i guess
9. Kepur 5.zer Guitar Strap with graphics
10. Intellitouch PT2 Tuner RM50
11. Fender ACP-1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup RM200
12. Gibson Acoustic-Electric guitar = haha $200USD, its not so costy for a good friend like me right haha

that's all for now my wish list..... :P anyway i would like to share a video with you guys. it's kinda boring when hearing same old comment that Malaysian singer now days is not as cool as P.Ramlee and Saloma years of contribution blabla i dunno we often only commented our own national treasure but rest assure the vids below is performance by Micheal Jackson the way you make me feel feat Britney spears... see how differ the performance.... Micheal Jackson is just as energetic by the time he promoting thriller...... the quality just not the same.... all over the world sindrom.... singer now days..... (of course not including Marie Digby :P)