Monday, April 21, 2008

What happen last weekend......

Saturday 19 mornings i receive a very scary call from mom. I was warming up my engine at my block and scheduling my way today. I will drive to my best friend block Hafiz and sent in his pen drive and go for AIESEC transition in U9 with fully prepare to present my PVP module and ready for EB (to tell news about liliana). Then the calls which end out are about my Dad. I end call and receive doria MSG. I still stood there and suddenly cry end out puking outside my car. Gather a lil strength and pass the pen drive. Hafiz just wakes up so he didn’t see me thoroughly. With another shock (what the hell Dr Shukor car was at his block- but that is not what i concern). Was thinking about my PVP transition and how the hell I’m going to tell Fadli. I feel really an ASS HOLE cannot deliver my JOB as a very good AIESECers. The most important thing is being a very good daughter. Feels total useless child. All this while we continuously concern about my mum and total forget that my dad needs attention to since his age is 70++... i feel so lost that day even hug from dear friend also almost feel nothing. I constantly think about him but hardly called him as frequent as calling my mom and brother. Hate myself of coz but what to do it is almost to late but I did promise myself..... anyway I’m okay today since i have test this coming weeks and also 1 more presentation that i almost forget about it... buy do wish me luck okay.....

BTW Abang yassin If you reading this I lost your number please sent me ur number both to celcom and maxis number okay... thanks babe


Doria Abdullah said...


I'm in my explanatory mode now ok?


1. Hope your dad's ok now.

2. Your dad loves your mom very much, that's why he can hold so much up until this point.

3. You can't blame yourself for being an ass****! Things happen, and as they said, ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

4. Pull yourself through first. Finish your finals. This IS going to be hard, but don't let your parents worry about you also. [Man, you knew this all along... BUT I want to say it again just to make sure you remember]


1. Emergency. You can't be there. You're NOT SUPPOSE to be there [priority remember?] --

So what? Are we suppose to blame you for this? If we even have the thought of blaming you for not being there, we're not being sensitive enough and we're not considerate enough . Period.

2. You have been doing a lot for PVP. Liliana's coming in 3 days. Job's almost done [except for the extension part].

You've done well. Now what you can do is not to blame yourself for being an ass**** . Who have the persistence to go up to KL so many times for all the PVP stuff? You have the answer for this question.

Ha ha, explanatory mode's off now.

What you can do now is this:

Step 1: Think of the cute Doria ;-)

Step 2: Go get Snickers [DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have MARS! It's like being Fadli-lized]

Hmm.. Anything else ah?

aLiSh said...

As is i will be Fadli-lized anyway you know my fav choc which is TWIX so....

anyway thanks for the advice but i cant be ignorant to my own feeling all the time right... i really hope that i can do as what some other people do which is just forget it live life normally and no family problem interfering my professional life... haha kelakar kan bunyiknya... but thanks you really a great friend