Friday, April 25, 2008

Wassup AIESEC UTM recently???

Sigh having a slight memory lost maybe due to overloading it with study stuff. i can't remember all but we do have major things happen ....... like the Last EBM meeting..... and stuff like:

----------AIESEC UTM Transition Camp-----------

the transition camp is for our dear EB elect. was held in U9 Kolej Perdana. so below is some of the activities they put up since some of them stay there.... i really can't elaborate the picture since i wasn't there due personal reason but i guess it when well lor....

one of the most important event in the term

-----------AIESEC UTM APPRAISAL NIGHT----------

It's the night where we praise people with their job well done which is like Snap Snap Snap (ok I'm crapping) u can ignore the wording after which.... ANYWAY the arrangement of the picture is a bit off.... please just mind me since I'm to busy with school stuff. so where was i just now.... yes this term the appraisal night is a lil bit different from our LC norm... we didn't go for 2days 1 night event but it fill with fun games (ah hah), Mental delusional for some people, Jacuzzi-sauna-steam room back to back frenzy it is for boyzzzzzzzzzz toooooo.... so (of coz i didnt put in the picture when we having fun in jacuzzi and steam room together... BUT I WAS FUN....

thou we late but we do have time to cam whoring...
Mr Kar Teck the Lady man

this term EB

Me and My LIL brother Izzy

this term EB group Pic 2

So you think you can dance game... by group its like street Battle in Step up the street Hontoni.....

the guy division

Still haven't register yet but still have time to cam whore with Jr.

the best part of all- Eky showing off his Mojo move.... ahaks Button Babeh

the OC for our appraisal night

me with one of the Jr.
me with Tsongki
Me and Yong got resemblance not?
i still like this game thou you like giving an opportunity to what not you in the game.... hurm the rubbing especially

the other team of so you think you can dance (but sadly my group win :P)

Okay this is the best part of everything in the world Makan Time ahaks....... the buffet set menu is BBQ western so i dunno a mix of all so what i have.....

the Mushroom soup

this is my plate so we have butter curry prawn, we have sausage, we have chicken and beef barbecue with 2 sauce mushroom and black pepper
and this is my desert... few plate of Prawn...

but actually i think i have more then the listed item above... sea coconut with pineapple, pudding, 3 cup of really dark roasted cool energizing coffee, 3 Glass or orange juice and cake... ahaks i kinda full that day... but sigh... it was so-so... almost really good.... but well can reconsider what next there thou....


millymin said...

Fadli so yeng!! I heart him!! Hahaha

aLiSh said...

ahahha heart?

Pyan-CGT said...

oit kak pah... hg nak join the next top model ka?

aLiSh said...

owh tidak.... sekarang tak mo dedah dedah sangat dah