Friday, April 11, 2008


Solitary is a word for
people who doing something alone with companion and it also mean being isolated by others or society.

for some circumstances i feel that today. Today is the last day for students from all department in my faculty presenting thier project. its also means 4/5% of my friend will be graduating today. so why am i here writing blog and feeling a little lost. hurm..... soon will be final and after that they will start working and eventually each and every single one of us will be busy with personal commitment. SIGH. What will i miss....
  • i guess the unity and understanding of each other personal value
  • being so close until each single dirty secret we try to dig in each other,
  • throwing surprise birthday party within the circle,
  • just being there when bad things happen to us,
  • make us feel touch with all kind of surprise
  • make us feel the existences of TOGETHERNESS
  • or best represent with whole some.....
I'm going of now due to battery but will continue

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