Saturday, April 26, 2008

BBQ and Facs Night

so I guess people will keep asking why most of my post only related to my involvement in AIESEC so basically of course AIESEC throw more activities but i also have some in my
seminar peeps BBQ night
the BBQ night is for my security class remember i posted 1 post about my seminars and this is some of my security class mate and also the organizing committee for the seminar. we got extra cash and spend it on BBQ .

The group picture with Ms Hazinah KM
The SS team

This is my plate i Jaga my own food only when they on fire aha that's why it burn i guess haha

The interesting part personal postmortem for everyone

still in personal postmortem mode

Just started the fire
Smoke and flame

me with marinated sausages

The peeps

sweat macam dukunlah dia tengah buat guna-guna
(sigh look like those witch preparing their potion)

Malam Apresiasi SKK

This is one of the big event in my department. celebrating the final year student. a lot of rumours going on. some good some bad bad but still can improve thou. i still cant accept the theme thou :
malam mencari menantu/Menantu pilihan

I love this picture (memory) the Chinese student from our dept taking picture with each other then I shout at them "Perkauman" then I slip myself in (with some other Malay friends) and wallah less perkauman :)one of my stupid proud moment I guess.
Racist= perkauman
My KJ(Ketua Jabatan or HOD- Head of dept) officiating the ceremony

1 of the table. I suppose to sit here but came late so i sit next to Hafiz instead because he already reserve it for me but next time maybe sitting with them.

i'm sorry Ms Hazinah. well i stole her lime light ahahhaa (evil laugh) SORRY. she most famous star that day everyone want to snap picture with her.

Everybody ready to go home with their door gift and lucky number gift

This is my table

Sneak peek on the attendees

My table girls only

I know what inside the wrapper- almost trap by Firdaus idea to switch with me

My table guys only- yup including me :P

me full with fat face :) makan banyak sangat

Me SS-ing

Me and Cinot the MC

Me and Palapes gurl ( sorry huda i have to tell everyone this - she answer question Rukun negara with Palapes angkat sumpah LOL)

My cool lecturer Meeting Ladu, Ladu meeting Mr MD Seth

I'm going to miss them- KE and Naimah the cute couple

This is how my hair suppose to look like- i guess it ruin when i run here and there to find extra gift in favor of Dr.Shukor

Hey it does look good from behind- now it reminds me one of the reason why i am late.
First year camp -
Program Pemantapan dan pembangunan sahsiah pelajar tahun 1

the FaCi Team meets 1
(see ladu on top of the table... prepared with love by Mr Md Seth)
HOD explaining on the meeting agenda

and some of the picture in the camp it self... devide by 4 group more or less i forget but something like 6 (morning session) and 4 (Evening session)

So that's it. Who say University life is Boringggggggggg???...... not for me I guess. May be after all it is what you want it to be.........

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