Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mai Ken Rai Birthday


we celebrated Mai birthday early morning today somewhere near KTR office.
am happy because this is the first time we celebrate it out side the room. hurm that's why we didn't have any picture together before. and gawd they graduating soon and will leave me here alone.... of coz i will miss you guys... we share room together thou we not exactly roommates :( NVM meet in Master course ok :0)

some pic to share.

under stress of something dunno i forget

picture tak jadi 1

picture terlebih perfect
seriously i didn't finish up the cake i buy my own cheese Oreo okay :P

me and Mai Ken Rai when she arrive at the crime scene
eppy just arrive after his prep
picture tak jadi 2
from left: Mai Ken Rai, Uyul, Jay, Cykin and me
me and nurul

picture tak jadi 3

we think we cute picture
point to the cams (the to guy from left: fiq and eppy)

any way thanks for comming and sorry i didnt hoin you guys for dinner today. need to spare for some other group as well ... SORRY... still love you guys most thou....

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