Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gadmei TV BOX UTV330E installer for Window Vista


i think I'm not the only one person searching for the driver.... it has been 6 month since I'm using vista until they put it up inside their website...... but feel ease now. the UTV330E TV Box by gadmei can be use now... just download the new updated installer here



Jiven said...


I have the Gadmei UTV330+, and I downloaded the same drivers a few days ago. But I cant get it to work with Vista. Did you get it to work fine? What is the procedure? I've been looking for months! Yours is the most recent post, so i really hope you can help me. Thank you. Jiven.

aLiSh said...

Yes firstly my laptop sound driver was not working but then i reinstalled it ... it work quite well

step by step:
3.update device info

hurm on my side it okay but sometimes the sound is a lil bit too soft....

sorry Jiven.... i cant help you that much but i guess since im using vista basic it should be okay to others aswell. my friend daciing the same problem but with the sound system only should you 2.1 speaker i guess

humbleandmodest said...