Thursday, April 24, 2008

Facebook new fancy

after few series of hugging, kissing, poking and selling you friend in face book they come out with a new idea.... which chat box....... i like it so much i was telling my friend around about it until today the person that i avoid to talk to MSG me great after hiding my self with invincible status now i am not invincible anymore.... sigh ... but i was a good thing thou.....

you can check out who is online and who disable the chat box
look out for this sign to start chatting


the most impressive thing i found in web is this online Japanese language basic by leaning in fun game way so.... Dozo try it :) ...... i learn a lot today like Ichigo from the character bleach is actually mean Strawberry..... and Kuro is black...... Kurosaki Ichigo is like black thingy strawberry or one five... which so cool.... This is the link

i was thinking to change my blog name to this:
何も話さなく立っていいよ だいじょうぶ
what do you guys think?????

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