Friday, March 07, 2008

Saje nak cari pasal part 2

Talking about politic

I never tot that I will touch this issue(in my blog) and I will not be ignorance towards the issue too. anyway. This morning when i wake up i found surat layang near my roommate bed. I ask her what is this?. Then she explain that everybody actually get it (ESP people leave in our residential college either they slotted in students room or the paste it on the wall). 6 page booklet with explanation of why not to vote for the current government (the "ironic" things was why not asking people why don't vote for them? by giving the list of benefit- thou its ridiculous i read on the banner anyway...but it does give hope for some people you see.). As i read it make me wonder how long all of this will last since its been since forever i have people who do that kind of thing. putting all bad word to the other side just to get place for them self. It has been a laughing stock for me since last time and this year i don't think its funny anymore. think back 4-8 years ago everything that i laugh to is not laughable. so what funny about accusing and back stabbing. i my self hate to be accuse and back stab. and i felt like seeing a sick phenomenon each time the election is nearing.
other than that since most of us registered as voter i ask alot of friend this question. so you are voting for which party and why. to be funny or not be funny. Its because "i didn't get ________", or "my dad is voting for the party". but the most funny and cool answer is "because im johorian so we never_____________"..... well I'm Johorian so i cant elaborate more since most of Johorian thinks this way. but for me ...if i am voting for that party or not, it doesn't have any influence from the other expect then for the fact that i like the way we living now. I never felt unfair before leaving here in MALAYSIA, and funny thing is when i started to Chat in SO i was so proud that in single chatting room. there will be different kind of language being use appropriately to the situation and what more to ask. since the fact it I'm so happy.

but then remind back my class for the last 2 weeks my TITAS lecturer keep asking us the same question... why we didn't want to change and vote for other party instead. and come out with this Sunnah Sunnah and wording from old days about how big changes can contribute to better prospective (thou its true but) how about relevance.... i don't want to leave in racist country and backstabber country. So i just hope that everybody think through and vote for the best party they want.

but the most important thing is: happy voting toms.

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