Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Happen Last Week ???

So my mum lastly admitted to the hospital.... yup REMOVE WHAT NOT :)) sounds funny eh... no..... OK but im happy that she okay now :) hope that she will FULLY RECOVER SOON so some pic here...

MY DAD manja manja wif my mum
Friend Visiting: EPPY, Hafiz, Lan Rengit, Safwan, DD, Izah,Farhana and ITA

this is the View from my mum Bed... and im happy because i sleep there tooooo... and i wake up with singapore view ( but im happy for the Strait)
Me SS-in on my mum bed
Mr Bro SS-ing

that is Abang Amir moving Ibu and Ibu right after the surgery

Everybody reading news paper

When Ex-close friend come by.... touchy thoucy because he drive from malacca to JB that day :(


millymin said...

Oh goodness!! mak kat hospital tapi ade lagi masa nak camwhore... CWEAT!€!

aLiSh said...

cute people always like that cant do anything lah