Friday, January 04, 2008

Back in UTM lastly

yes after a while away from blogging... time to write again..... I'm so tired.... just began my new semester , have fun last week run here and there.... so i think its time to write back since i got a lil bit of time here... yup i did mess my room. I'm so tired of driving from my home town i just put everything i didn't organize it at all (until now act) i was alone then the next day my roommate came back and got few hour of sharing session ( So jealous, her sister bought for her this new zen creative from japan- can't find it in Malaysia :( so sad )

28 December 2007: arrive UTM

29 December 2007: konon konon try to make my room neat and went for house hunting alone and have a very late night supper with fadli that night- yataii- didnt get scanned by pak guard

starting from the time i arrive the hostel block is not just for girl only (meet up few handsome guys also) but now this one for sure
the on that day it self since everybody not yet arrive i decide to eat kimchi ramen for my Lunch
30 december 2007:
then the day after that we ( me and my LCP-Fadli) went for house hunting together..... this is one of it....after that suddenly we decide to sit down and have our lunch (but lastly we went to find fadli earring )
I still remember he say... NVM alish just park inside i pay for the parking ticket, i don't think it going to be expensive.... not like we going to watch movie.................AND eventually We did (I Am Legend)
so this is fadli with his new botak head
(actually promise to publish it with boxes on his head to hide his botak head so the other AIESECers from LC UTM have to meet him to know what is his new hair style but.... lastly i only publish it now after everybody meet him already

my class schedule changes and add up (still lack 3 more credit hour on this schedule.... i think the Facs auto generate schedule for each student when nuts or something) but NVM not as lame as having alot of late night classes now which mean my chances to take foreign language berkecai....

hurm we have our ICX sudden meet

And not to forget my New year Count Down.... ahah where eh hurm Lupa leh..... Definitly not Pavilion la!!!!
hurm having abit down time now but i guess i will be ok as always :) huraaaa i in my facs sponsorship team..... PIC lagi tu hahhahah

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