Sunday, December 23, 2007

The outing with bro

so yea as i promise to post this post... before i went back to my home town the other day my bro take leave and well go play with me... SO MUCH WITH THE PROMISE.....end up we start going to visit his friend in hospital putrajaya (bro. hizir) where his skin has been strip from the leg and my tell you only left the meat and muscle. after that we have quick lunch at nando's then his phone rings.... means something when wrong at his working place. so we went to his place... after he apologize to the customer and mad the hell of office... then we back on track. so then we head down to tasik titiwangsa to play the Eye On Malaysia and buy the ticket first then when for hi tea which is not nice....... from this cafe then i felt okay after the long q and get into the Eye On Malaysia gondola and get this view from my gondola... so happy.... and they make 4 turn ( sadly Eye on malaysia last until this 31st) i was so happy because getto see kl from different view. and get my self hype because my bro got scared . see below. the best things is just right timing. we bought the ticket at 6 then have quick hi tea... start q at 7 ... get into gondola 30 minute after that... and wallahhhhh we get to see day light, sun setting and night.... perfect....
.....hahhaa... then after that we go straight to Midvalley to catch dinner and movie...... only after that i find my self eating at the place i told Ethan and the other is not halal then take us to the sushi king... but then me and my bro still ate there for dinner..... ( see i told you guys my bro is like that) ....Tenpanyaki..... see my tenpan and gyoza being cooked.... so happy..... ... to end the journey that they we take midnight movie... Golden Compass ( because i can't join ethan, doria and yiying the other day) ....... so I guess althou i stay with him like 3 weeks only this time got the chance to really talk and get out with him and spend preciouss time with him... but kesian he spend alot for me that day ... THANKS BRO AISHITERU

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